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Resume Pointers for College Students

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So you are a graduating senior and are about to enter the “real world.” The years of homework and tests will soon become a thing of the past and you will be left with the tedious task of applying for jobs. You’ll have your degree in hand and the skills that you have learned will finally be put to the test. The only thing missing is a resume to set you a part from the competition. Here are some resume pointers so that you can become a success.

1) Your Education

This is what you have worked so hard for! It should be the first thing that employers see on your resume. Give yourself and Sac State credit by listing all of the colleges you have attended, the major that you have studied and any of your honors or academic achievements.

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Photo Credit: Clipart Of

2) Formatting!

No I’m not talking about APA style! You want your resume to look professional and easy to read. Arrange your previous jobs in chronological order, use appropriate fonts and ensure that it is consistent throughout. Make sure that your resume is aesthetically pleasing so that it gives off a good look and feel to employers.

3) Detail

The most important thing to remember when writing a resume is to be descriptive. Sometimes less is more but keep in mind to include any information that makes you unique and the right fit for the job you are applying to. Feel free to be specific on any talents that you may have. You may have an extensive background in volunteering or experience in a particular field that they are looking for. Your resume is supposed to be the best representation of yourself so don’t be afraid to be who you are and let it show.

4) Stand Out!

Keep things interesting and show your worth. Your resume presents value to the type of person that the hiring manager is interested in. It is best to be distinct so that you can land the job and start making money!

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