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Rolling out the new Safe Rides Cash Back

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The best rides in life are free. Safe Rides Cash Back has been revamped, and now it’s better than ever! 

Safe Rides Cash Back is a program aimed at preventing incidents related to drinking and driving. In order to work toward this goal, we offer each Sac State student a $20 reimbursement per semester when they purchase rides home via Uber, Lyft, and other taxi services.

Safe Rides Cash Back now allows students to be reimbursed for rides taken EVERY day of the week during the extended time period of 9pm and 2am. In order to be eligible for a Safe Rides Cash Back reimbursement, each ride must be taken in the Greater Sacramento area. An official map of the reimbursement area can be found on our website.

Interested in getting reimbursed for up to $20 each semester? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Take a ride in Sacramento using any ride sharing program between the hours of 9pm and 2am. Payment must be done via credit or debit card in the name of the student who is being reimbursed.
  2. Retrieve a receipt listing the trip details in one image. The receipt must include: ride date and time, pick up and drop off locations, cost of the ride, and the last 4 digits of the card used.
  3. Fill out the Safe Rides Cash Back reimbursement form and upload the receipt as well as a copy of the credit/debit card used. Please only display the last four digits and the name on the card for verification.
  4. Keep an eye out on your email to see when your reimbursement will be available for pickup.
  5. Once you receive the email, visit the ASI Student Shop on the third floor of the University Union. Please bring your ID for verification.

The last eligible day to take a ride and be reimbursed through Safe Rides is December 13. All forms must be completed and submitted by December 20, and reimbursements must be picked up by May 31, 2020.

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