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Sac State’s Senior Bucket List

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Many people will tell you that the years you spend in college are the best years of your life–that nothing will compare to the friends you make and experiences that you have during your years as an undergraduate. At times I thought this was the furthest from the truth, typically while staying up too late working on that assignment I put off to the last minute. Now, less than three weeks before my classmates and I walk across the stage and become alumni, I know that my experiences I have had while at Sac State have impacted me in ways that I can’t fully articulate. Transferring as a Junior from a community college, I moved to Sacramento ready to get involved and find my place on a campus I had only visited a few times before. Little did I know that it would be one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I am extremely lucky to have been given the tools necessary for success at this fine institution which will assist me in every area of my life from here on out. Sac State students truly redefine the possible and I am proud to be a hornet and a member of the ASI family. This bucket list is my gift to the graduating seniors of the Class of 2015! Congratulations!

Brandon Alvarez,  A-Team Outreach/Promotions Coordinator

1) Make that move! Now is your chance to ask that special someone out. Take a risk! We only live once. It doesn’t have to be a lifetime commitment. Just schedule an enjoyable time with another and see where it goes!

2) Explore. See the sights. Go somewhere that is foreign to you. There is more to the world than just this campus! If you open your eyes a bit and broaden your horizons, you will definitely appreciate the world we live in even more. It’s also a good stress reliever to get away after a while!

3) Join an on-campus organization. If you have not already, go ahead and attend some events at a club or greek organization of your choice! Sure, it’s a little late for recruitment but you at least could look back and say that you were an active student! There are a ton of fun things happening this month…it’s up to you whether you want to get involved!

4) Go to the beach! The best part about graduating in the spring is the weather! We are lucky to be so close to the ocean so why wouldn’t you take advantage of it? Get some of your best friends and make a day trip out of it! #SummerLovin’

5) Catch up on some sleep. As things start to wind down, you will begin to have a lot more free time on your hands. Be sure to grab a pillow and doze off here and there…you’ll be glad you did. zZzZzZzZz

6) Hit up a club/bar! Go have a drink or two in midtown or simply take a stroll in the downtown area. The nightlife in this city is beautiful and always entertaining. You can get a good dance in, enjoy some delicious food and meet new people!

7) Use your OneCard. There are a ton of discounts offered specifically to Sac State students at various restaurants, vendors and retail stores. Check out this link to learn more!

8) Work-out! Now is the time to lose those pounds! Get yourself moving by picking up a new work-out routine. This could be running, bike riding, lifting weights or a combo of all three!

9) Speak with your academic advisor. You want to ensure that you are finishing off strong academically. You are so close to being done! The senioritis is definitely kicking in, but getting the best grades that you can possible will truly reflect your talents and effort in the subject matter.

10) Pat yourself on the back. You’ve made it this far and should be very proud of your accomplishments. Graduating college is truly a milestone in one’s life…so make sure you celebrate and have a little fun!

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