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The “Drunk Dial” You Won’t Regret

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Wed- Sat nights 10pm-2am

Hey fellow Hornets,

Have you ever been stuck studying late at the library or the AIRC and your roommate decided to borrow your car to go out of town and left you stranded?

Has your car ever broken down in the movie theatre parking lot, leaving you to catch a cab and pay more than what you already spent on your tickets and popcorn?

Have you ever lived out your life-long dream of participating in a walk-a-thon going home from Second Saturday because your designated driver discovered the wine served at the art gallery was free?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or if you have ever been through a similar situation, there is a service and a phone number you need to put in your phone now. Like right now. Seriously.


Safe Rides is a program developed by Associated Students, Inc. at Sac State to give students, faculty, and staff a safety net for those times when the party gets too hearty or when luck is just not on your side late at night.

Safe Rides operates weekly during the Fall and Spring semesters during the academic school year from Wednesday through Saturday nights from 10pm to 2am. All rides take you home, are completely confidential, and best of all,

they are 100% FREE!

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you were enjoying a little too much of the bubbly at a friend’s house (no one is judging you, we all do it from time to time) and are responsible enough to determine you can’t drive home (smart decision on your part). Your friend is not in a position to drive you home either. What do you do?

You call Safe Rides. That’s what you do. Simply dial 916-278-TAXI and have your Sac State One Card handy. Safe Rides will take down your location and contact information, and within minutes of your call, friendly Safe Rides volunteers will come to your location, pick you up, and drop you of at home, safe and sound.

Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is!

So remember, next time you are out with friends, in a jam, or on campus a little later than you would like to be, you can always count on Safe Rides to come take you home.

Free, safe and confidential. It’s the drunk dial you won’t regret!

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