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Say hello to KSSU’s first Podcast: Discuss Jockeys!

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KSSU is growing and getting better day by day. The student-run radio station is covering new ground this semester with their very first podcast: Discuss Jockeys.

KSSU Music Director Lucila Morales and KSSU DJ Chris Marcos, also known as DJ Name Pending, are the hosts. The show focuses solely on music—music news, album reviews, artist discussion, and fun trivia games. For Morales, the podcast serves as an outlet for students who love music and want to engage in deep discussion about it. “Sometimes you can’t have a conversations with friends about the music you’re listening to—so we fill that void,” Morales says.

ASI Student Services Coordinator, Andrew Garcia, oversees KSSU Radio. “Through this podcast, we are expanding the realm of what we do and giving our DJs the ability to be more creative,” Garcia says. “DJs will have more time to express themselves than they might have had during their hour long music show. It’s also new in the sense that our audience will now have something to listen to on demand.”

Discuss Jockeys leaves room in the studio for guest hosts as well. Melissa Marquez is the guest host on the very first episode of the show, during which she plays a trivia game about rappers who like to cook.

“It was a lot of fun,” Marquez says, “I didn’t know a lot about the content, but I think that made it more fun to learn about. It was really nice meeting new people and everyone at KSSU was so nice and friendly that you feel like you fit in even if you don’t listen to the same music.”

Discuss Jockeys is KSSU’s first step in the direction of podcasts, which have been growing in popularity in recent years. KSSU Productions Director, Victoria Boston, hopes to expand upon that medium. “My goal is to have other [podcasts] on air, so the station can have more variety and diversity,” Boston says.

KSSU has been a platform for Sac State students for decades. With the new opportunity to create podcasts, there is no doubt that the radio station will continue to serve our students in an even greater capacity.

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