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ASI Scholarships

Each academic year ASI awards various scholarships for the fall & spring semester. These scholarships are the easiest and most direct way for ASI to support students. With these scholarships, ASI can reach out to students who are in need of assistance.

We currently offer the following ASI scholarships:

  • ASI Scholarships (10 each semester)
  • Dreamer’s Scholarships (5 each semester)
  • Students with Disabilities Scholarship (1 each semester)
  • United States Armed Forces Scholarship (1 each semester)
  • Memorial Scholarships (5 in fall semester only)
  • Director’s Scholarships (9 in spring semester only)
  • ASI Department Scholarships (6 each semester)
    • ASI Aquatic Center
    • ASI Business Office & Student Shop
    • ASI Children’s Center
    • ASI Government Office
    • ASI Peak Adventures
    • ASI Student Engagement & Outreach


Although all of the scholarships have specific requirements, the general requirements for receiving a scholarship are:

1.) You must be a full-time student enrolled in at least 12 undergraduate or 6 graduate units.

2.) Good academic standing with the University at the time of application.

3.) Be an active contributor & participant in the Sacramento State community.

All applications MUST be submitted via your SacLink email address and received by the deadline on the application.  Please do not include your name on or in the content of the submitted essay questions.

ASI Scholarship Deadlines

Fall Semester

Applications Open:

Applications Due:


Spring Semester

Applications Open:

Applications Due:

ASI Scholarships

Awarded in the fall & spring in the amount of $500.00 each

ASI Scholarship Application

ASI Dreamers Scholarship Application

ASI Students with Disabilities Scholarship Application

ASI United States Armed Forces Scholarship Application

ASI Aquatic Center Scholarship Application

ASI Business Office & Student Shop Scholarship Application

ASI Children’s Center Scholarship Application

ASI Government Office Scholarship Application

ASI Peak Adventures Scholarship Application

ASI Student Engagement & Outreach Scholarship Application

ASI Memorial Scholarships

Awarded in the fall only, in the amount of $1,000.00 each

Shaun Lumachi Memorial Scholarship

Chris Ramos Memorial Scholarship

Ron Tanton Memorial Scholarship

Arnulfo Lara Memorial Scholarship

Bradley Bayless Memorial Scholarship

ASI DIRECTOR Scholarships

Awarded in the spring only, in the amount of $500.00 each

ASI Directors Scholarship Application

Double check that the application is completed with all information and essay questions prior to sending. Make sure essays are in Word or PDF Format, not Pages. All material must be emailed via your SacLink account. If you have any questions please call (916) 278-6784.