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Apply for DOC

  • Become a registered organization at Sac State. Once you have become a recognized club or organization through the SO&L office.
  • Establish a club account at the ASI Business Office by filling out a Club Agreement Form to be eligible to receive DOC funding.
  • Fill out an ASI DOC application using OrgSync (the two individuals applying must be signers on the ASI Club Agreement Form (CAF). Applications are due on Orgsync by Monday at 5pm.  It is recommended that you apply one month in advance. This allows you time to adjust your plans in case your event is not fully funded by ASI.
  • Have a well informed club member attend the ASI DOC committee meeting to represent you. The purpose of the presentation is to outline your need for funding for the ASI DOC Committee. A well informed club member must give a 2-3 minute presentation for the ASI DOC committee outlining your club’s need for funding. Funding results are posted the following Thursday morning on the ASI website. If you are doing a group application with another club, one well informed club member from each club must be present at the DOC meeting to receive additional eligibility of DOC funding.

Deadlines & Meetings


Deadline (5 p.m.) Meeting (2:30 p.m.) Location Agenda
September 4 September 11 Forest Suite Agenda
September 18 September 25 The Well-Terrace Suite Agenda
October 2 October 9 The Well-Terrace Suite Agenda
October 16 October 23 Agenda
October 30 November 6 The Well-Terrace Suite Agenda
November 13 November 20 Forest Suite Agenda


Deadline (5 p.m.) Meeting (2:30 p.m.) Location Agenda
January 29 February 5  Agenda
February 12 February 19  Agenda
February 26 March 5  Agenda
March 12 March 26  Agenda
April 2 April 9  Agenda
April 16 April 23  Agenda
April 30 (SUMMER DOC ONLY) May 7  Agenda

How to access the OrgSync DOC application:

  1. Go to OrgSync.
  2. Go to “Custom Login” Community.
  3. Select California State University, Sacramento and click “sign-on.” Use your SacLink ID. On your personal home page click “My Memberships” and then select “All Memberships”.
  4. Select “Browse Other Organization” in the upper right hand corner.
  5. In the search box type in “government.”
  6. For ASI Government Office select “join.”
  7. On your personal Home Page under “My Organizations” it will appear as: ASI Government
  8. Select the link “ASI Govt.”
  9. On the left go to “Tools” click on “Forms.”
  10. Fill out the DOC application.

Useful Links

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