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Senioritis: A Guide to Academic Success

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Why talk about senioritis when the year is just beginning? Well, many students have struggled with this ailment from the first time they stepped on campus. For others it may have been after they received their first midterm grade. Maybe it was when they forgot they were enrolled in an online class for an entire semester. Nonetheless, all students have experienced symptoms of senioritis – whether or not it is their senior year. That said, this is a guide to kick the senioritis blues. So buckle up, get comfortable and grab some snacks because this is going to be an awesome ride to the land of academic success.

got senioritis? SEE SYMPTOMS BELOW:


1. The snooze button has become your best friend.

2. You drive the struggle bus, and it only has three tires that are all square.

3. school just started and this is you.


4.You don’t check your Student Center because if you can’t see the holds,

they aren’t real. Right?

5. you started a Netflix show yesterday, and you’re not sure how it’s already over.

moving forward and staying successful.

If any of the above symptoms sounded oddly familiar, you may have a case of Senioritis. BUT! All hope is not lost because it is 100% curable. First, always remember why you started. School can be challenging and sometimes it feels like it’s not worth it. Truthfully, investing in higher education is the best decision that someone can make for themselves. Remember, we do not pay $3,602 a semester to binge watch Netflix, go to parties and procrastinate. Although those things are fun, everything we do prepares us for the future. This is not to say that having fun in college is impossible, because that is definitely not true. This is to encourage all students to find a healthy balance between academics and fun. Take breaks in between studying to do something revitalizing. As the old saying goes, “study long, study wrong.” So make sure to do what energizes you in between studying! Carving out time to study during the school week leaves majority of the weekend for fun and exciting activities. All in all, go to office hours, ask for help and complete assignments as you go. Before you know it, you will have successfully completed the semester and it will be time for winter break!

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  1. Demond Rodgers Jr

    This is by far the most relatable, clever, and humorous way someone has talked about Senioritis and the struggle of procrastinating. Great article!


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