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Seven Sac State Hacks Everyone Should Know

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Sac State is notoriously known as a “commuter campus”. Unless you live in the Residence Halls, your typical school day is probably something like this: wake up, eat, battle for parking, class, leave, repeat. In the midst of searching for parking and staying alert throughout the day, it is easy to overlook all that Sac State has to offer. Take advantage of these hacks to keep your semester on the right track!moving copy
1) President Nelsen 

President Nelsen makes it a priority to put Sac State students first. He shows his commitment to the community by putting students at the top of the list if they visit his office. The president’s office is located in Sacramento Hall room 206. So, if you are ever feeling like you need extra support drop by President Nelsen’s office and he will lend a listening ear.

2) RT Pizza Sandwich

If you love food and discounts, this hack is going to be right up your alley. Round Table, in the University Union, in infamous for its personal pizzas, but they can cost about $7. However, Round Table’s RT Pizza Sandwich is just over $5, includes three toppings , and a bag of chips! So if you find yourself with extra time between class, order the RT Pizza Sandwich; it does not disappoint.

3) Ecogrounds

Have you ever found yourself on campus without a water bottle, thirsty, and low on cash? Well, instead of paying upwards of two-dollars for one bottle of water, head over to Ecogrounds, located on the first floor of the University Union. At Ecogrounds, they charge 30 cents for a large cup, and they will it with ice for free! Conveniently, there is a hydration station around the backside of Ecogrounds where you can fill your cup with water.

4) Safe Rides

Safe rides is always your key to a safe ride home, no questions asked. Imagine it’s Wednesday night, you’re in the AIRC furiously typing your term-paper, you look down and you see that it is 11:59 PM. You finished your paper before midnight, but you completely missed the shuttle back to your apartment. How will you get home? This is why safe rides exists. If you’re stranded on campus, your car broke down, or you’re on the worst date of your life, Safe Rides will pick you up and take you home. The operating hours of  Safe Rides are Wednesday – Saturday 10PM – 2AM.

5) Pay by Phone Parking permits UTAPS

It is no secret that finding parking at Sac State is comparable to trying to win a staring contest with a statue. However, PayByPhone makes the parking process a little easier by allowing you to skip the permit lines and immediately look for parking. Students with smartphones can sign-up for PayByPhone by downloading the app or signing up online at www.paybyphone.com.

6) MLK Jr. Center 

The Martin Luther King Jr. Center is located on the second floor of Lassen Hall, room 2201. This center was created to create a safe space for African American students and promote African American Heritage. Throughout the month, the center often hosts different events to increase engagement. So where’s the hack? Well, it is extremely difficult to find a quiet, comfortable place to study on-campus. There is a very cozy study room nestled inside of the center. The best part is, the view is amazing! The Martin Luther King Jr. Center is open from 9AM – 5PM.

7) Hornet Night Shuttle

The only thing that is worse than a night class, is the walk to your car or the bus after it. The Hornet Night Shuttle operates Monday – Thursday, from 6:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.  Last pick up is 11:50 p.m. The Night Shuttle exists to make visits to campus convenient and safe. Contacting the Night Shuttle is as easy as dialing (916) 278-7260 or dialing 87260 from any campus phone. The great thing is, the Hornet Safety Escort services the main campus, Folsom hall, and Upper Eastside lofts.




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