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Per ASI Operating Rules, Regular Board meetings convene every other Wednesday at 2 p.m. during regular academic terms. On alternating Wednesdays the Board engages in working meetings as a tool to facilitate discussion and decision-making concerning important and complex issues and upcoming legislation; no formal action is taken at working Board meetings. The Board of Directors conducts their meetings under the guidelines of Robert’s Rules of Order and adheres to the requirements of the Gloria Romero Open Meeting Act, Education Code Section 89305 – 89307.4.


Board meetings are open to the general public and the Student Government encourages all of the Sac State Community to come and participate.

**special notice

Our regularly scheduled working board meeting for 11.14.2018 at 2:00 pM is cancelled due to the closure of the sac state campus due to air quality.

Dates & Agendas

Fall 2018

Type / Agenda Date Time Location Minutes
 ASI Special Board Meeting  Fri. Aug. 3  9:00 am  Foothill Suite  Download
 ASI Board Retreat  Fri. Aug. 10-12  5:00 pm  Jesuit Retreat Center
 ASI Special Board Meeting  Wed. Sept. 5  2:00pm  Lassen Hall-Room 1100  Download
 ASI Board Meeting  Wed. Sept. 12  2:00 pm  Foothill Suite  Download
 ASI Special Board Meeting  Wed. Sept. 19  2:00pm  Foothill Suite  Download
 ASI Board Meeting  Wed. Sept. 26  2:00 pm  Foothill Suite  Download
 ASI Board Meeting  Wed. Oct. 10  2:00 pm  Foothill Suite  Download
 ASI Board Meeting  Wed. Oct. 24  2:00 pm  Orchard Suite  Download
 ASI Board Meeting  Wed. Nov. 7  2:00 pm  Foothill Suite  Download
 ASI Board Meeting– CANCELLED  Wed. Nov. 21  2:00 pm  Foothill Suite  Cancelled
 ASI Special Board Meeting  Wed. Nov. 28  2:00 pm  Foothill Suite  Download
 ASI Board Meeting  Wed. Dec. 5  2:00 pm  Foothill Suite  Download

Spring 2019

Type / Agenda Date Time Location Minutes
 ASI Mid Year Review  Thurs. Jan. 17  11:30am  Aquatic Center
 ASI Special Board Meeting  Thurs. Jan. 17  11:30am  Aquatic Center  Download
 ASI Board Meeting  Wed. Feb 6  2:00 pm  Ballroom III  Download
 ASI Board Meeting  Wed. Feb 20  2:00 pm  Foothill Suite  Download
 ASI Special Board Meeting  Wed. Feb 27  2:00pm  The WELL-Terrace Suite  Download
 ASI Board Meeting  Wed. Mar 6  2:00 pm  Ballroom III  Download
 ASI Special Board Meeting  Sun. Mar 10  7:00am  Sequoia Hall-Rm 311  Download
 ASI Board Meeting  Wed. Mar 27  2:00 pm  Ballroom III  Download
 ASI Board Meeting  Wed. Apr 10  2:00 pm  Green & Gold Room  Download
 ASI Board Meeting  Wed. Apr 24  2:00 pm  Green & Gold Room  Download
 ASI Board Meeting  Wed. May 8  2:00 pm  Green & Gold Room  Download

For all archived agendas and minutes, contact

ASI Board Meeting Attendance 2018-2019