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Club Challenge

The Campus Organization Ballot Revenue Policy is a program of ASI where clubs and organizations can receive funding by voting in the ASI Annual Elections. Any club/organization that registers with the ASI Government Office by filling out the CLUB ballot application and turning it in by the deadline can be listed on the ballot. Each time students vote in favor of any club/organization, that organization receives $2 for every vote. Voters may vote for only one club and it is not necessary to be a member of the club chosen. This reward does not take away eligibility from programs such as Dollars for Organizations and Clubs (DOC).

Required for Eligibility

  1. The club/organization must be officially recognized and approved by Student Organizations & Leadership (SO&L).
  2. All sections of this document must be completed.
  3. Clubs and Organizations must follow the university guidelines regarding posting rules and regulations.
  4. Any violation of this policy shall be grounds for forfeiture of Ballot Revenue Policy privileges at the time of violation.
  5. The club/organization must have an account with Associated Students Accounting Services Office (3rd Floor University Union).
  6. Funds will be released for the next fiscal year upon written request.
  7. The club must have a club agreement form (CAF) on file with the ASI Accounting Services office.

Download the Club Ballot

MAC users, please use the free Acrobat Reader to fill out the Club Ballot form (the Mac Preview application will NOT work).

Please Note: When opening the Club Ballot Form from a Mac computer, please save before filling out, then re-open the saved document with Adobe Acrobat (Mac’s Preview Application will NOT save data), complete, save, confirm document is not blank, then email. Application is most compatible with Internet Explorer. We do not recommend using Google Chrome for this application. If any questions please call (916) 278-6784.

Download 2015 CLUB Ballot Request Form for Business Office