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Voter Information

All currently enrolled Sac State Students in a matriculated program can vote for Executive Candidates. Additionally, they may vote for a representative from their college; if a graduate student, the graduate representative; or if undeclared, the representative of undeclared students.

You can vote online at from any computer beginning Wednesday, April 11 at 8:00am through Thursday, April 12 at 7:30pm.

You can also vote at the ASI polling location located in the western University Union Walkway. The ASI polling location(s) will be open from 8:00am on Wednesday, April 11th through 7:30pm and re-open Thursday, April 12th, from 8:00am-7:30pm.


Candidate Forum Videos

Sample 2018 Ballot & Voter Booklet

2018 Voter Booklet


2018 Sample Ballot



Voter Events

Date Event Location Time
3/26/18 Candidate Forum – Grad, Undeclared, & Edu. Forest Suite, University Union 12pm-1pm
3/27/18 Coffee & Candidates Union Lobby, University Union 10am-11am
3/27/18 Candidate Forum – A&L, HHS & NSM Forest Suite, University Union 12pm-1pm
3/29/18 Candidate Forum – SSIS, ECS, Bus. Forest Suite, University Union 12pm-1pm
4/02/18 Candidate Forum – VPAA, VPUA Forest Suite, University Union 12pm-1pm
4/03/18 Candidate Forum – EVP, VPF Foothill Suite, University Union 12pm-1pm
4/04/18 Candidate Meet & Greet The Servery, Residential Hals 5pm-7pm
4/05/17 Candidate Forum – President Terrace Suite, The Well 12pm-1pm
4/11/17 Election Kick-Off Event Redwood Room, University Union 12pm-1pm
4/11/17 ELECTION DAY – VOTING BEGINS or in UU Walkway Polls open at 8am
4/11/17 ELECTION DAY – VOTING DAY or in UU Walkway Polls open
4/12/17 ELECTION DAY – LAST VOTING DAY or inUU Walkway Polls close at 7:30pm
4/12/17 Election Results Party Terrace Suite, The Well 7:30pm-9pm

Clubs/Organizations Eligible For 2018 Cash for Clubs

We add clubs as they become eligible.

Fact Check

The candidates will have a lot of great things to say. We will use this section to address their comments and provide clarification on information and facts.