Register to Vote

The Office of Governmental Affairs under ASI Student Government offers voter registration and education to Sacramento State campus by tabling in the public and special events; last year OGA registered over 1,000 Sac State students. We maintain our stance as a non-partisan group; we promote all candidates by encouraging all students on campus to vote. We inform our students on initiative process and information on propositions and candidates on the ballot. Register to vote through CALPIRG students. To determine who your local representative is you can go to

CA Policies & Public Policy

California Politics changes everyday, so OGA makes it a priority to keep up-to-date with every change in legislation and policy that relates to higher education. Below are some of the resources you can use to find out more information for yourself. Contact if you think there’s a website we should link to.

Washington DC, National Politics & Public Policy

ASI focuses on local and state issues, but when the need presents we advocate to the federal government as well, in conjunction with the efforts of CSSA, sharing resources in these low-budget times.

Sites to read up on federal issues:

CSU News & Info

Sacramento State administration has employed a variety of methods to keep students, faculty, and community members up-to-date on the issues affecting the campus.

Below are just a few places where the campus’ viewpoint can be read on issues in higher education:

AB540 Students Info

The New Partnership Foundation’s website that has extensive information on what it means to be an AB540 student and the places you can go to get help to go to college. Excerpt below from their website.

“If you dream of a better future, you can prepare for it, even without papers, AND you can pay lower in-state tuition instead of out-of-state tuition. This is possible because of a state law known as AB540. As a result of AB540, to prepare for your college dreams YOU may:

  • Attend a California high school for three years
  • Graduate from a California high school, and
  • Fill out an affidavit that says you will apply for US residency as soon as possible.
  • Visit the Dreamers Resource Center

Lobbying Research Tools

Legislative Analyst’s Office

California Department of Finance

CSU Issues

CSUS Office of Public Affairs

California State Assembly

California State Senate

California Legislative Information


Student Activity Planning and University Policies

Sacramento State, in coordination with Student Organizations & Leadership (SO&L) and ASI, encourages student activity coordinators to work with SO&L and ASI in advance to plan and carry out safe events in which ideas are expressed in a manner minimizing the risk of harm to others, and which are in congruence with University mission and policies.

ASI hosts many events, marches, rallies and forums throughout the year to get student input and ensure that the community and legislature knows what students think. We encourage you to get involved with our programs and make your voice heard.

The Sacramento State policies below exist to help keep every member of the Sacramento State community safe while on campus, to help ensure that student-sponsored events are accessible to all interested community members, and to help protect individual student rights whether students are hosting an event, attending an event, or may be affected by an event.

This is only a partial list of important policies that may apply to student-hosted events; check back regularly for updates to this page. Additionally, please consult the Student Organization Handbook for many other tips, guidelines, and procedures regarding event planning.