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Student Tips for Getting Through Finals Week!

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It seems like it was just yesterday the fall semester started. Now, the leaves are falling, weather is changing and we’re less than two weeks away from the dreaded week of the semester, finals week.

To many it may be their first college finals and to others, well, let’s just say final’s isn’t a new concept to them.

We can tell you what to do to prepare for finals week, like eating right, sleep at least eight hours, study hard, but here are some better suggestions from your fellow students:

“Don’t forget to take breaks when studying, otherwise you’ll burn out before you even hit the finals.” – Carla B.

“Coffee, lots of coffee!” – Sarrina O.

“Stay off Facebook!!” – Tanya F.

“Keep up with the assigned readings throughout the semester.” – Jose C.

“Don’t cram everything into one night. You’ll hate yourself later.” – Thomas H.

“A healthy breakfast is always a great start to any day!” – Sac State Food & Nutrition Club

Finals week may be dreadful, but do your best to stay positive and conquer those finals! A nice reward is waiting on the other side. That reward being a month long break with many days to sleep in. Good luck everyone!

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