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Taking Control of Semester Stress!

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As students, it becomes so easy to rush through our day because of all of the many activities that are constantly taking up all of our free time. There never seems like never enough time in the day. It can become overwhelming, and it is easy to give up and tell yourself that you can’t do it all. Trying to make it to your next meeting, trying to cram for your exams, trying to make rent working two jobs, trying to maintain somewhat of a social life, and not to mention trying to keeping up with all of the reading that our professors pour upon us, it can tear us apart!

Too often, I think there are a lot of us students who are in class with our eyes on the clock, counting the minutes until dismissal.

This is college! This is supposed to be the most exciting time of our lives! A time where we meet new people, learn new things, and have new experiences! And it will be over before we even realize!

How can we enjoy our college experiences if we are stressed out and burnt out from all of the little things we need to do in a day! Four cups of coffee, and you still can’t get anything done? Believe me, I’ve been there. I’ve lived there for a great while. Not keeping up with your priorities can really influence your self-esteem and confidence, which influences the way that you function in your daily life.

This article is all about taking control of your time, becoming an efficient scheduler, and enjoying the time as it is passing so that you can make the most out of your college experience.

Step 1: Be happy with who you are.

This is most important to getting control of your stress. So often, we bring a lot of insecurities and doubt to class (or work) with us. Life’s hard, and daily burdens weigh down on a person. It is so easy to become discouraged and feel like you cannot do anything. However, this begins an ugly cycle of anxiety, frustration, and  feelings of inadequacy. Instead of focusing on the things that we want to change about ourselves, we should focus on the things that we do like about ourselves. If you are having a hard time with this, write a letter to yourself saying how much you believe in yourself, and how cool you really are! It might feel cheesy, but it’s really reinforcing. This is the first step to getting control of your stress, because if you do not feel good about yourself, you most certainly cannot enjoy your day. Being happy with who you are also starts with doing things that make you happy. So don’t forget to plan time in your schedule to do what you love!

Step 2: Bring it all into Perspective.

Take some time every week to look at the big picture of what you need to do. For me personally, I have to write everything down and make lists for everything. I have a list for the things that I need to do, a list for the people who I need to contact, a list for the meetings I need to schedule, a list for the schoolwork I need to keep track of. A great advisor of mine once said, “If I don’t write it down, it doesn’t exist.” Then I focus on one list at a time. Once I write down the things that I need to do, and organize the information in a concise manner, I feel less overwhelmed and more in control of my schedule. I always make sure to plan blocks of time for studying, for socializing, and for resting so that I can make sure I have ample time to do things. Lists help you to stay on top of important deadlines, exam dates, and other things that can bring you stress. But yes, it is important that you look at your lists daily to make sure that they aren’t collecting dust.

Step 3: Eliminate The Unnecessary

Are there things in your life that are taking up time, energy, or thought that don’t need to be taking up space in your schedule? Let it go! Once we take an inventory of what we need, we can realize what we do not have room for. Releasing unnecessary things makes room for new, exciting things. Do you really need to watch that new episode of the Kardashians? Use that time to study! Do you need to drink that third cup of coffee? Sleep more, and drink more water. Do you really need to spend time with that jerky guy who doesn’t really care about you? Ditch him! Eliminate the procrastination. Eliminate the excuses. Eliminate the drama. Just get it done!

Step 4: Try New Things

In a funk? Get out of it by adding some new exciting things to your routine. Be passionately curious. Do things that make you uncomfortable. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Listen to a new style of music. Walk a different route than you normally take. Have breakfast for dinner, and invite all of your friends over. Read about something that you’re interested in and stand on the shoulders of giants by trying it for yourself. Getting your mind off of the little things by focusing on a new hobby can help you to refresh your mind, and rejuvenate your spirit!

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