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A Home-run for the Thanksgiving Basket Drive

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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

If you are wondering why ASI is thanking you, it’s because you, THE SACRAMENTO STATE HORNETS, helped us have the most successful Thanksgiving food drive in our history. But the thanks don’t stop with us, the more than 100 families you fed are enjoying this wonderful holiday and sharing in the spirit of warmth and community.

With events like the Thanksgiving Food Basket Drive, ASI and Sacramento State can help turn the city of Sacramento into one large family for the holiday season.

We interviewed Mercedes, the ASI A-Team Event Coordinator in charge of this food drive:

The event was a huge success, we were able to feed over a hundred families in the Sacramento area.

We were also able to break our record and achieve our goal.

Last year we were able to beat our goal of collecting 40 boxes by collecting 30 extra and feeding 70 families. This year our goal was to collect 60, and we collected 50 extra boxes and were able to expand our family list for the first time!

Overall, the last two years we have seen a major improvement in this community service event and I only hope it continues next year when I am gone.

Mercedes has been in charge of the drive the last several years and she really wants it become a successful and established event every year.

The turnout this year was fantastic…the families thank you…ASI thanks you. Let’s make next year even better!

Continue spreading joy, warmth, and love this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!

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