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The First Month: Life of an ASI Board Member

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A couple weeks ago, the ASI Board of Directors officially voted in their strategic plan for the 2012-2013 academic school year. This is one of the many steps that the ASI Board of Directors are taking towards improving student life and academics on campus.

“I think we are going to have a great year!” Kathryn Cardenas, Director of Graduate Studies, says.

The strategic plan, which took many weeks to develop, covers several topics that students have on their mind about trends at Sacramento State. Priorities such as “promoting campus wellness through sustainable alternatives” touches on establishing a permanent Farmer’s Market on campus by the end of Spring 2013. At another angle, the board is aiming at “improving students academic success” by working closer with the Career Center and increasing intercollegiate collaboration.

“I am excited for every single goal, as [we] know it encompasses the thoughts and ideas of each of the current members of the Board of Directors.” Nielsen M. Gabriel, Executive Vice President, describes. “Furthermore, these thoughts are centered around making Sacramento State a better campus for the students, which is essentially the mission of ASI.”

Besides the overall goals for the Board of Directors, each director possess their own personal ambitions for their position.

“It is very humbling to have the opportunity to network with the real ‘movers and shakers’ at Sacramento State.” Courtney E. Williams, Director of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, states.

Many of the board members have already set their priorities from when they ran last spring or are continuing to work on goals they received from their predecessor. John Judge, Vice President of Academic Affairs and 2011-2012 Director of Arts and Letters, hopes to work with the Associate Director of the Academic Advising Center to help inform students on how to maneuver through MySacState and how to properly check their degree progress. He also wants to continue working with the Coordinator of the Writing Center, Dan Melzer, to get more students engaged with a three-unit tutoring class that helps other students with their writing skills.

Not all of the directors affect the school as a whole. For Berenice Espitia, Director of Education, her constituents are students that are majoring in education. Bilingual and multicultural education, child development and educational leadership and policy studies are just some examples that Espitia represents. Reaching out to a specific group of students can be difficult for any college director, however, this is something Espitia is hoping to change in the College of Education during her term.

I have set up different meetings to start the outreach efforts for the Education Joint Council with the education clubs and organizations.
I will also be establishing a Student Advisory Group for the College of Education, where students can make recommendations and provide feedback to the Dean, Vanessa Sheared, and the College.

One of the unique rewards of being a board member is learning a variety of different leadership skills and networking abilities.

“I have learned a lot just from these past couple months: parliamentary procedures, different rules and regulations on campus and the many faces that represent Sac State.” Rosemarie Dauz, Director of Health and Human Services, points out.

Many of the board of directors have attended several events already around campus, which range from the ASI Block Party in the Residence Hall Quad to President Alexander Gonzalez’s Fall Address prior to school starting to even club and organization kick-offs.

Overall, the life of an ASI board member is not one to take lightly! We are always running to meetings, working on our goals or attending events. This year’s board is truly here to serve you and represent your needs. Lauren Carpio, Vice President of Finance, plans to continue to promote the different ASI scholarships that are available as well as fund opportunities provided by Dollars for Clubs and Organizations (DOC). Many of the college directors have created Facebook pages or groups for their individual college. We are constantly thinking of new ways to reach out to our constituents and we hope it shows.

In the end, the board of directors are students just like yourself. We go to class, we have tons of homework and somehow we manage another job or internship. We all work, we all play and we are all ASI.

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Erica N. Brown currently serves as the 2012-2013 ASI Director of Arts and Letters. She is majoring in communication studies with an emphasis in public relations. Although Brown is highly involved in ASI, she is also an active member of Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), the GE Honors Program and other organizations around campus. On her free time, she enjoys playing soccer, cooking and hanging out with friends.

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