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The Napping Period

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We all know that a perfect night sleep consists of 8 hours. However, most of us are lucky if we even get close to that! When a person does not get a full night’s sleep, they turn to naps in order to recharge throughout the day. As college students, any amount of sleep is an important element for a healthy and sound body. Sleeping has been scientifically proven to decrease the levels of depression and stress. It also boosts one’s immune system and mental capacities in order to perform well at one’s daily tasks.

There are different types of sleep that one experiences on a daily basis. It is my hope that through this article, you can gain some insight on just how much sleep you need and the effects of sleeping too much!

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  1. Briana Salinas

    I was wondering is there any places on campus where students can stay and nap. Many students like me commute from up to two hours away and stay on campus all day and would want to take a nap in a secure spot. I recently saw Berkley with nap pods and was wondering if Sacramento state offers something like that.


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