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The New CSSA Fee

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If any of you have gone to pay for your Fall 2015 fees, you may have noticed a new $2 CSSA fee. While it is only $2, we want to keep you informed of what you are paying for. CSSA stands for California State Student Association and includes 23 colleges, 23 Statewide elected student leaders, and 446, 000 students. CSSA pushes legislation and internal CSU policies that are in the best interest of the students. CSSA-04

The new $2 fee is for the Student Involvement Representation Fund (SIRF). Although it is an optional fee, it is extremely beneficial. It was proposed by students for students and will be implemented in Fall 2015. The fee will create independence and increased presence in Higher Education conferences, events, lobbying, and CSU Board of Trustee Meetings.

The fee will also provide resources for expansion of the Made in CSU campaign, additional revenue for Greenovation funds, professional development for Board Members and staff, expansion of CHESS, and expansion of internship and scholarship programs.

In the past, CSSA has helped in creating fee installment plans for students, adding a student to the Board of Trustees, and engaging in issues benefiting students with disabilities and student veterans.

For more information, visit the CSSA website.

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