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Three Shows to Watch

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It seems that all the good shows has came to an end; Breaking Bad, Dexter, Dr. Who and so on. We decided to put a list together for the 3 shows you should be checking out this fall!

American Horror Story: Coven


FX, Wednesday 10:00pm.

Perfect for the fall/Halloween time, American Horror Story made it’s debut premiere on October 9th. The pilot episode took place in past and present New Orleans and focuses on the witches and witchcraft. The first hour of the show was intense, painful and quite interesting to watch.

Why you should watch it: This season looks more interesting than the last 2 seasons. It features a prestigious cast and has a Halloween storyline of the Salem Witchcraft, Frankenstein and many more. Not to mention Kyle Spencer played by Evan Peters and Zoe Benson played by Taissa Farmiga “rekindle” their love in this season. (Many viewers fell in love with their romance in season one as Tate Langdon and Violet Harmon) This is a great show to watch to get into the Halloween spirit!

The Mindy Project


FOX, Tuesday 9:30pm.

Into the second season, The Mindy Project has already been hitting the ratings with guest stars like James Franco, Anders Holm from Workaholics, a few of the cast from The Office and more! We left off with Mindy, who is an OB/GYN, going off to Haiti on a mission trip with her Minister boyfriend, Casey played by Anders Holm. This season starts off with Mindy returning from Haiti for an emergency surgery. She meets up with Dr. Paul Leotard who is played by James Franco and she must decide what she wants to do: stay in New York or go back to Haiti to Casey.

Why you should watch it: The Mindy Project is a great show to relate to since we are in her age bracket. This show features a hilarious and famous cast of comedians. It’s a great laugh while dealing with the “early/late twenties” issues in life.

Criminal Minds


CBS, Wednesday 9:00pm.

Criminal Minds is an American FBI/Police procedural television show. This series follows a team of profilers from the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, to find criminals also know as the unsub or “unknown subject.” Every episode focuses on a different crime and unsub.

Why you should watch it: Criminal Minds is a very interesting and daring show. It shows somewhat of a perspective of the Behavioral Analysis Unit. This season starts off with a new boss, romance and new guest starts like Camryn Manheim and David Anders. Each episode will personally focus on the team.

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