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Trick-or-Treat with ASI🎈🍫

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You are never too old to go trick-or-treating!

Stop using your little siblings or nieces and nephews as a cover-up to go trick-or-treating! OWN IT! You want candy and you are not afraid to dress up like Batman or Wonder Woman and march down each house with a pillow case full of chocolatey, sugary goodness. Bring that pride on campus this year and don’t forget your pillow case! ASI is bringing the joy of trick-or-treating straight to campus!! That’s right, no more using your tiny family members as a beard just to get your hands on the candy goods.

Trick-or-treat with ASI, say what now?!

Treat yo’ self post-midterms by collecting treats from different ASI departments on campus! The event is THREE WHOLE DAYS, from Tuesday, October 24 through Thursday, October 26. That totally makes up for Halloween taking place on a Tuesday, right?! So how do you get your golden ticket to Candyland? All you have to do is present the flyer shown in this article to any of the ASI departments, listed below, and you will either receive a trick or a treat!

Follow the red balloons to Stop by and say hi!

Can’t find any of the ASI departments? ASI will have red balloons stationed at all department locations. The yellow brick road is so 1939, just follow the red balloons to lead you to your sugar-adventure.

ASI Business Office // Sequoia Hall, Rm. 311
ASI Hot Spot // First floor of the well
Children’s Center // near parking structure II
The Food Pantry // Yosemite Hall, Rm. 163 (limited hours)
Government office // Sequoia Hall, Rm. 311
Peak Adventures // First floor of the well
Student Shop // Sequoia Hall, Rm. 311


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