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Undeclared isn’t a bad thing

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So you’re undeclared. You feel like a small fish in a large pond, all alone because you don’t know where the other undeclared students are. You feel pressured to declare a major right away since all your friends not only have majors but also have an idea of what they want to do with their lives. Maybe you have an idea of what you want to do but no clue as to what major will set you on the right path to get there. Or, perhaps, you’ve settled between two completely different majors with no idea which way to go. You’re stuck.

Well, undeclared students, let me tell you being undeclared isn’t a bad thing at all. Actually, being undeclared provides many opportunities not available to other students.

One of the beautiful things about being undeclared is the freedom to explore different majors without tying yourself down to one thing yet. You can explore the Philosophy and RPTA majors simultaneously while also knocking out a couple of GE requirements. Whatever classes you decide to take to fulfill your general education requirements not only allows you to try out a major, but also provides an opportunity for self-exploration as well. For example, your Intro to Criminal Justice class may highlight your disinterest in dead bodies.

Another great way to explore majors and programs on campus is to get involved. Of course, you’ve heard everywhere that getting involved makes a difference, especially in college. Well, Undeclared Students, it really does. Getting involved not only provides you with a connection to campus, but also creates great networking opportunities. College is the beginning of the rest of your life so it is imperative that you make those important connections now. Not only will networking help you in the long run, but it may also provide insight as to how other students, alumni, and professionals selected their major and/or their careers.

So how do you get involved? With over 300 clubs and organizations on campus, there is a plethora of opportunities to join something. There’s social and service organizations, sports clubs, even a My Little Pony Club. For Undeclared Students, there is an Undeclared Students Club which meets regularly to plan events, hosts guest speakers, and provides members of the club services to help pick their major. If joining a club isn’t your scene, getting a job on campus or attending campus events is another option.

Remember, being undeclared is something to be proud of. Don’t rush into a major if you’re not sure if it is the right fit for you; instead get involved and take advantage of the opportunities available to you as an undeclared student.

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