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Why So Grumpy?

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If you’ve stopped by the Multi-Cultural Center or the Library recently, you may have noticed that the Grumpy Mule has replaced Java City. So what exactly is the Grumpy Mule, and how was the name created? According to the founders of the Grumpy Mule Corporation, before modern transportation, mules played a vital role in the production process of coffee. Mules are known for being simple, stubborn creatures, that are generally grumpy. However, legend has it that, the perfect cup of coffee will please a grumpy mule. So, the student that pulled an all nighter, the hardworking professor, and anyone else who might be having a hard day is a grumpy mule.

Ultimately, Grumpy Mule strives to provide customers with fairly and sustainably sourced, unique beverages in hope to be a moment of relief for the average stressed Joe. No pun intended. This company is based in the United Kingdom, and their Sac State site is actually the first of its kind in the United States. Coincidentally, it is ownedsc04861d by Bewley’s, an Irish tea and coffee company, that also owns Java City.

With beverages like “Lavender Earl Grey”, “Tanzaia Blackburn Peaberry” , and “Panama Esmeralda Diamond Mountain,” Grumpy Mule has been keeping everyone’s taste buds guessing. Whether they are serving up a hot cup of chocolate and fruit infused brew, or iced tea with a twist, they promise to deliver every cup with enough “sass, bite, and kick” to satisfy even the grumpiest of mules.

Still not convinced? No worries! Java City is still located in front of Lassen Hall at the roundhouse. Nevertheless, if you are every feeling extra grumpy on the way to that early morning exam, head over to the Grumpy Mule to start your day on the right hoof.

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