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Life Matters Employee Assistance Program


Only use the emergency services in the event of an emergency.

  • Ask your dentist for an estimated summary of charges PRIOR to them doing any dental work.
  • Utilize the healthcare websites to email your doctor to help save on co-pay costs.


Onsite Campus Committee

Miguel Valle, Peak Adventures

Elvia Felix, Business Office

Kim Madrona, Children’s Center

Lisa Dalton, Government Office

Elizabeth Villalobos, Student Engagement and Outreach

Maria Waterford &Leticia Campos, Human Resources


Offsite Aquatic Center Committee

Ashely Langenberg, Administration

Matt Kobe, Facilities

Brian Dulgar, Director

2019 Employee Advisory Committee (EAC)

Employee Advisory Committee

The Employee Advisory Committee (EAC) is designed to provide employees a forum for communication within the organization, to promote staff involvement and to improve the workplace environment through multi-department representation regarding issues of policy, procedure, and ASI activities.

Melissa Marquez, Student Engagement and Outreach

Corinne Jones, Government Office

Ashley Langenberg, Aquatic Center

Elvia Felix, Business Office

Tori Weber, Peak Adventures

Dana Westbrook, Children’s Center


Sexual Harrassment and Misconduct

Title IX Sexual Harassment/Misconduct Resources

“We Care-We Will Help” is a University Run website that provides a plethora of resources for victims of sexual violence or harassment. If you or someone you know are a victim of sexual violence or harassment, we encourage you to visit this site or contact your Human Resources representative.

For more information please click on the link below.