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Tours & Observations


Tours of the Children’s Center are by pre arrangement only. Regularly scheduled tours are posted below. To reserve a space, call the center at 916-278-6216 and ask to be placed on the list. The tours last approximately one hour. We will be going in and out of classrooms and play yards and seeing fun activities. This may be difficult for your child to have to make quick transitions as we tour. Some families find it easier to tour and ask questions without their children, we leave it up to you to decide.

For any questions or to arrange a special tour, contact nlopez@csus.edu.

Scheduled Tours For fall 2019

Friday, August 2, at 10 am
Thursday, September 12, at 10 am
Wednesday, October 9, at 10 am
Monday, November 4, at 10 am
Tuesday, December 3, at 10 am

Student Observers

Students with a class assignment to observe children may utilize the Children’s Center for their assignment. You must have a photo ID that will be held at the reception desk while you are in the center. Please review the Guidelines for Observation below.


*Please note: we do not provide verification of observations. You may take photos in the front office area only of your badge or yourself signing in.

We ask you to adhere to the following guidelines during your observation experience in the Children’s Center:

  •  Stop at the front desk to sign in, provide your Student I.D., and determine program placement.
  • All observers and visitors must exit the program between 11:30 a.m. and 1:45 p.m to allow for lunch and nap transitions. All observers must exit the Center by 5:30 p.m. each day.
  • A maximum of two observers are allowed in each program at any given time.
  • Observers may not go into other classrooms without prior permission from the office staff.
  • A maximum length of one hour at any given observation time will be allowed, unless a specific teacher grants  exception on a case-by-case basis.
  • Observations are not allowed during special events or during the first two weeks of each semester.
  • No food, beverages, backpacks or cell phones allowed in the classrooms. These items must be left at the front office. (Please turn off cell phone or put on silent mode).
  •  Once in the program you must check in with the supervising teacher. Inform him/her of the type of observation you need to perform (i.e. one time non-interactive, case study, interactive, etc.)
  • The Center and its teachers do reserve the right to deny access if your presence at that particular time would interfere with operation of the program.
  • Please dress appropriately for a child care setting; you may be asked to change or be denied your observation at the discretion of the staff.

In consideration of the children and the
smooth-running of our programs, please:

  • Do not initiate interaction with children—let them participate naturally in their program.
  • Position yourself in inconspicuous locations, “hug the wall”, and sit on the floor (never on children’s furniture or play structures).
  • As much as possible, make your note taking low key and inconspicuous.
  • Children, ideally, should not be aware that you are observing them.