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Check Request FAQ

How Do I Fill Out a Check Request?

  1. Obtain a check request and supporting documentation form.
  2. Enter the necessary information.
    • Enter name, address, and phone number of payee (person/company being paid).
    • Enter total amount of payment.
    • Enter club/organization/dept. name and account number of payer.
    • Enter a brief, but detailed, description of the purpose of payment
    • Sign. Only authorized signers can sign. For example, a club’s president, treasurer or like-officer listed on the ASI Club Agreement Form (CAF).
  3. Attach original receipts, invoices, and other forms of documentation as described on the back of the check request form. No photocopies allowed.
  4. Submit check requests to ASI accounting services, located in the business office on the 3rd floor of the Union, by 5pm on Monday and pick up checks at the ASI Student Shop, located on the 3rd floor of the Union anytime after 12 noon on Thursdays.

Common Types of Check Requests


Fill out the check request and attach the flight itinerary, original boarding passes, travel waiver, and proof of conference/seminar.

Ordering from a vendor

Fill out a check request and attach an original invoice that itemizes the items purchased (quotes are acceptable if payment is required in advance). If applicable tax is not applied, the dept./club org must pay the applicable tax. For example, if the order is placed on the internet and tax was not charged and the vendor is out of state, CA tax must be added and paid from the dept./club or org. The dept./club/org must also provide verification that items ordered have been received. This can be in the form of a packing slip or simply signing on the invoice stating that items were received.

National/Membership dues

Fill out a check request and attach the application with a list of members or individually signed applications from each member.

Food for meetings

Attach the original itemized receipts for food purchased along with proof of payment and a list of attending members.

DOC funding

Doc has different check processing procedures. For more information please see How to Apply.

There are many other types of payments and ASI is more than happy to assist. Please stop by or call us at (916) 278-2231.


Why does ASI require original receipts? What kinds of receipts are acceptable?

ASI is your accounting department and we are proud to provide best business practices for all of your transactions. We require original receipts to prevent fraud. The types of receipts that are acceptable are original, fully itemized receipts and/or original invoices. All items purchased must be listed on the receipt. ASI financial policy states that alcohol and non-business/personal items are not appropriate.

Can I pay with cash and still get reimbursed?

Yes. In the event of making purchases with cash, the person is reimbursed by providing appropriate signatures, supporting documentation and proof of payment (ex. invoice that shows paid in cash) is provided.

What if I lost a receipt?

If the original receipt was lost, in place of the receipt, attach a signed memo from your department or organization’s President/Treasurer or Like-Officer stating the date and the nature of the receipt, indicate that all attempts have been made to retrieve the original receipt and provide a detailed list of what was purchased.

Why do I need to submit a copy of my credit/debit card, bank statement and cashed check?

Fraud is an all too common problem and one that ASI takes seriously. In order to protect the individual, department and the club/org., ASI requires proof of payment on any items paid with check or credit card to prove that the person who made the payment is the person who is reimbursed. If the receipt or invoice shows the card number, then only a copy of the credit/debit card with the first 12 numbers blocked out for security purposes is required. If the receipt/invoice does not have a card number on it, then a copy of the individuals bank statement is required showing the withdrawal. If the statement does not have the individuals name, but has the account number, then we also need a copy of the card with the person’s name to go with the statement. For payments made with a check, attach a copy of the cashed check you can get a copy from your bank. (Long story short, it’s easier to provide documentation for credit/debit than it is for a check).

What if I am paying an individual for a service? What kind of documentation is needed?

If you are paying an individual or unincorporated company for providing a service, it is considered income to that individual and different forms of documentation are required to be attached to the check request. The documentation needed is a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and a W-9.

What is an MOA and why do I need to attach a W-9 from the person or vendor?

The MOA is a Memorandum of Agreement which is a binding contract between the party performing the service and the party paying for service. It includes information such as the location, date and time of the service, and contractual amount that will be paid to the individual. Along with an MOA, a W-9 form must also be filled out by the individual performing the service. This form is used to provide social security or tax ID information. ASI will send out a 1099 at the end of the year for income earned.

Additional Information

Authorized club members can request a report of their account balance at the front office of the ASI Accounting Services office during business hours. Club balances are updated weekly on Wednesday.

Checks not picked up after 30 days are mailed to the address provided on the check request form.

If your check is lost, contact the ASI business office, accounting services immediately. We will stop payment and re-issue a replacement check.