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Board of Directors

Per the ASI Bylaws and subject to the limitations of the Bylaws, Operating Rules and the laws of the State of California, all corporate powers shall be exercised by and under the direction of the Board. The Board of Directors includes five Executive Officers, a representative from each College, a representative for Undeclared Students, and a representative for Graduate Students. Elected members of the Board serve a term of one academic year contingent on their ability to meet and maintain all eligibility criteria to hold office. The University President or designee and University Chief Financial Officer or designee also serves as directors on the ASI Board.

Additionally, an appointee of the University Faculty Senate, the ASI Executive Director, and the ASI Director of Finance & Administration serve as Advisors to the Board. Any other appointment authorized by a two-thirds majority of the then current membership of the Board may serve as advisors. Currently, the Director of ASI Office of Governmental Affairs and the California State Student Association Representative are serving as additional advisors.

Lauren Lombardo

Hometown: Ventura, CA
(916) 278 – 7922

Andrea Salas

Executive Vice President
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
(916) 278 – 7318

Michael Bloss II

Vice President of Finance
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
(916) 278 – 7921

Sara Tulane

Vice President of University Affairs
Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA
(916) 278 – 4169

Ryan Allain

Vice President of Academic Affairs
Hometown: Vacaville, CA
(916) 278 – 4866

Yajayra Gonzalez

Director of Arts and Letters
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
(916) 278 – 6784

Rebecca Bolger

Director of Business Administration
Hometown: Colfax, CA
(916) 278 – 6784

Ashley Petrini

Director of Education
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
(916) 278 – 6784

Logan Rivera

Director of Engineering and Computer Science
Hometown: El Dorado Hills, CA
(916) 278 – 6784

Mike West

Director of Health and Human Services
Hometown: Lathrop, CA
(916) 278 – 6784

Melissa Bardo

Director of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Hometown: El Dorado Hills, CA
(916) 278-6784


Brenda Martinez

Director of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies
Hometown: Modesto, CA
(916) 278 – 6784

Adriana Bolds

Director of Undeclared Students
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
(916) 278 – 6784

Sara Adan

Director of Graduate Studies
Hometown: Pittsburg, CA
(916) 278 – 6784

Additional Members

ASI Executive Director - Patricia Worley
ASI Director of Finance - Mark Montalvo
University President’s Designee: Beth Lesen
University CFO Designee - Gina Curry
Faculty Senate Designee – Reza Peigahi
Director of Governmental Affairs - Mike Sharif
California State Student Association Rep - Anthony Gibson