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If you’d like more information on running for office in the spring semester, please go to our Elections pages found here on our website, or contact the ASI Government office at 916-278-6784.

COLLEGE DIRECTORS Role & Responsibilities


  • When referencing Directors, it is inclusive of all elected and appointed members of the Board, excluding Ex-Officio Directors and Advisors.
  • The Board of Directors shall function as the official representatives of their said representative body.
  •  Directors are required to keep office hours. Four (4) hours in the office per week during the academic year will be the minimum, not including weekly Regular and Working Board meetings.
    a. A schedule, phone number, and location of office hours will be filed with the Assistant to the Board no later than the second week of the academic semester. If a Director needs to revise their office hours for the semester, the Director shall notify the Executive Vice President and Assistant to the Board.
    b. If a Director cannot make his/her office hours, the Director must notify the Executive Vice President and Board Associate.
    c. If there is substantial reasoning to believe that a Director is not holding their office hours as posted, the Executive Vice President shall conduct a meeting with the Director to review the claims. If the Executive Vice President is the director in question, the Vice Chair shall conduct the meeting. If it is found that the Director has not been holding office hours, the EVP shall bring the matter forward to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may, by majority vote, determine an appropriate consequence for the Director and then
    recommend legislation to the Board.
  •  Each Director shall be responsible for meeting with their College Dean at least once a month excluding the summer and January to discuss issues of interest pertaining to their said representative body. The Director of Undeclared shall meet with the Dean of Undergraduate Studies at least twice, and the Director of Graduate Studies shall meet with the Dean of Graduate Studies.
    a. Each College Director, with the exception of the Director of Business, Director of Undeclared Students, and Director of Graduate Studies, is required to CONTACT (email, phone call, visit office hours, etc.) all of the department chairs within their college each semester to gain a further understanding of the departmental issues that students are facing. All findings should be included in the monthly board report or put together in a separate correspondence sheet.
  • Every director must complete four (4) classroom and three (3) student club/organization presentations per semester in order to promote and enhance the Board of Director’s yearly Strategic Priorities.
  • Directors must sit on at least one (1) of the ASCSUS Internal committees.
  • Each Director shall sit on at least two (2) University committees.
    a. If a Director is in an intensive committee schedule, or cannot fulfill the required two (2) external committees, the EVP, in consultation with the ASCSUS Vice President of University Affairs may excuse a director from one (1) external committee, with approval by the Board.
  • Directors shall assist in recruiting students to serve on University committees.
  • Directors must attend all Board: strategic planning sessions, orientations and retreats,
    Board Meetings, Special Meetings, and Emergency Meetings.
  • Each Director will be required to attend:
    a. at least three (3) events a semester hosted by the ASI Board or an ASI department;
    b. at least two (2) events a semester hosted by the ASI Office of Governmental Affairs;
    c. at least three (3) University-wide events a semester; and
    d. at least three (3) events a semester hosted on behalf of their representative constituency.
  • Each Director will be responsible for maintaining and updating (at least twice a semester) their ASI bulletin board in their respective academic college. In addition, the Director of Undeclared Students and the Director of Graduate Students will place their information
    on each of the other Director’s boards and are equally responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their portion.
  • Directors shall prepare a final report highlighting their accomplishments in relationship to the strategic plan and any recommendations for changes or continued activities to the new Board. The final report should be submitted to the ASCSUS Executive Vice President prior to the end of the semester. This due date is to be determined by the Executive Vice President in consultation with the Board Associate. The document should be presented to the new Board during Orientation.
  • The Directors shall complete other duties as assigned by the ASCSUS President, the Board of Directors or these Operating Rules.
  • The Executive Committee shall review board members’ compliance with the above policies upon the request of a fellow board member, an ASI staff member, or student constituent.

Benefits of Running For Office

  • Scholarship to help off-set the cost of your education. The percentage of the “estimated cost of attendance” shall be awarded in the following amounts:
    • ASI President – 70% of the total cost
    • ASI Executive Vice President, ASI Vice President of Finance, ASI Vice Presidents of University Affairs and Academic Affairs – 60% of the total cost
    • Directors of each College, Undeclared, and Graduate – 35% of the total cost
  • Great resume building experience
  • Internship and career opportunities
  • Receive Priority II registration
  • Build leadership skills
  • Excellent networking opportunities
  • Special University invitations
  • Opportunity to represent the student body
  • Become a part of Sac State history
  • Ability to make real change on campus

Apply to serve on the Board of Directors

You must be an admitted student in the college that you are applying.  For example, you must be enrolled in a major in the College of Business to apply for appointment as Director of Business. Click on the link for the position description below to find out more information regarding the role and responsibilities as a College Director.

The application will open following the ASI Board of Directors Swearing in, and interviews will begin upon receipt of eligible applicants.  Applications will close when filled.   Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our ASI Government office at 916-278-6784 or stop by the ASI Government Office on the 3rd floor of Sequoia Hall in room 311.

APPLICATION FOR BOARD OF DIRECTORS    – Interviews will begin upon receipt of eligible applicants.

Checklists for Eligibility

Director Positions       You must be able to meet the requirements of those currently holding positions.